Carrie Hitchcock Photography

Welcome to my website.

I am a professional photographer based in Bristol, England.

I work for local voluntary organisations, theatre and community groups.  I document their work for annual reports, publicity and fundraising. 

I do documentary photography speculatively (hoping someone will buy them) and also because that is my passion.  The Barton Hill Youth Centre photos in the Documentary section are an example.

I create exhibitions and displays using photographs, text and graphics.  I also design booklets, leaflets and logos.

'Art Prints' are personal work exhibited and sold in galleries that I also publish as greeting cards sold at various local outlets.

Community Photography involves working with a group to produce something; it could be an exhibition of their photographs, a magazine, a calendar, anything that they decide is relevant to their purpose.  I also teach traditional B&W photography and printing and graphic and display skills.

To discuss commissions, to enquire about buying photographic prints, or for any further information, please email me: